LightGenie™ NODE Description

Neptun's LightGenie™ revolutionizes the way lighting systems are managed and controlled.  Operating on a highly secure, encrypted IPv6 full mesh wireless sensor network.  Each bi-directional communication Node is capable of data transmission and reception as well as complete control of the light fixture.  It is designed to calculate and store various data files on board.  Operates as "FOG Computing Device".

The LightGenie™ is applicable with all traditional and modern lighting fixtures such as LED.  A resilient built-in antenna delivers seamless connectivity and operation in all conditions.  Control and monitoring is performed with cloud-based software as the central management system.  Dedicated to the control and monitor of future Smart Cities, Smart Airports, Multi-Facility or Global Corporatate Campuses.

LightGenie™ NODE

Application, Features and Benefits
    Electrical & Wireless Network Data
    Input Voltage / Frequency
    90-305 VAC ; 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption 3W @ 120-277VAC
    Load Current
    10A Max
    Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
    ON/OFF Control Yes
    0-10V / DALI
    Rated Load
    800W Max.
    Load Switching Capability
    20,000 operations @ 800W Load
    Energy Management Accuracy <0.5% (Utility Grade) per ANSI C12.20
    Surge Protection
    6kV/3kA combined wave per ANSI C62.41
    Photocell Operation According to ANSI C136.10-2006 Standard
    Safety & Compliance Standards
    IEC60950-1:2005 / CFR47 Part 15 / EN61547 / EN61000-3-2 / EN61000-3-3 / UL773 / CSA C22.2
    Radio Frequency 860MHz / 915MHz / 920MHz
    Network Comm. Protocol IEEE Standard 802.15.4g/e, 6LoW-PAN Adoption Layer
    Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping (50 Channels)
    Addressing IPv6
    GPS Accuracy 3 Meter
    Security 256-bit Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-256)
    Node to Node Communication Mesh Network, Self-Forming, Self Healing, up to 300kb/s Spread Spectrum
    Encryption Advanced Encryption Standard AES-256 with certificate based authentication and embedded firewall
    Receiver Sensitivity
    Loss of Communication Node is equipped with internal memory backup and photocell to guarantee pre-set operation in the event of communication loss
    RF Output Power 1 Watt
    Ingress Protection