LightGenie™ GATEWAY Description

Neptun's LightGenie™ GATEWAY revolutionizes the way lighting systems are managed and controlled. Operating on a highly secured, encrypted IPv6 full mesh wireless network.
1.) The ultimate long range, high capacity solution for loT and M2M networks, including municipal street lighting, monitoring, and control.
2.) Multi-channel, capable of receiving different data rates on the same channel simultaneously. 
3.) Can be customized to suit all types of backhaul via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GSM, GPRS, EDGE or CDMA for connection to Server or any Server selected by the end user.
4.) Enclosed in NEMA 4 / IP67 enclosure for use in harsh environments.
5.) High Capacity: Capable to connect and address up to 50,000 LightGenie™ NODES.
6.) Long range communication: Receives data from Nodes 2-5km away in dense urban areas and up to 15km in suburban areas.
7.) Compatible with LoRaWAN.
8.) Optional Host Computer inside with: CPU 1GHz, 2GB DRAM, 8GB SSD.

LightGenie™ GATEWAY

Application, Features and Benefits
    Technical Data
    Supply Voltage / Frequency
    100-305 VAC ; 50/60Hz
    Max Power Consumption
    Operating Temperature
    0°C - 60°C
    Communication Type
    RF Wireless, Self-Forming, Self-Healing, Mesh Network
    Network Communication
    IEEE 802.15.4 (6LoWPAN/FHSS)
    Communication Frequency 902-928 MHz, Max Tx Power 1W BW 250k & 500K (Multiband)
    Communication Spectrum Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping
    Addressing Mode
    IPv6 / IPv4
    Gateway to Node Communication
    Mesh Network up to 1km line of sight
    Security 128 bit AES
    Gateway to Central Asset Management System
    TCP/IP Sockets with 256 bit AES Encription
    GPS Gateway Locator
    Yes, Google Maps Integrated, 3m Accuracy
    Registration to Mesh Network of Nodes
    Backhaul Communication
    Surge Protection ANSI C-High 10kV/10kA
    Ingress Protection IP67
    Compliance FCC Part15, UL 916 Standards
    Warranty 5 Years
    Expected Service Life 10 Years