Analog Dimmer APOLLO Description

  • Full dimming range from 100% to 0%
  • Standard style and size
  • Decorator-style wall plate and paddle switch with sliding adjustment
  • Blue LED indicator
  • 600W Maximum load
  • Single Pole and 3 pole model available

Analog Dimmer APOLLO

Application, Features and Benefits
  • First dimmer switch on the market designed to work with all dimmable CFL bulbs
  • Standard wiring
  • designed to replace any ordinary switch or any other dimmer switch model
  • User adjustable lowest dimming level
Item Number* Description Watts
Voltage Line Current
Colors Available
80005-xx Analog Dimmer - Single Pole 600 120 VAC 12 A Pearl White (PW)
80005-xx-3P Analog Dimmer - 3 Pole 600 120 VAC 12 A Pearl White (PW)