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LED Roadway Fixtures with up to 25 Years of Maintenance Free Service Life

NEPTUN proudly introducing street and roadway light fixtures designed and made for service life up to 25 years with state of the art photometric performance according to requirements of any city or state Department of Transportation.

The modular design of flagship “89 Series” LED Roadway is superior in its class in all design aspects, like: Life, Safety, Performance, Installation, Service and Monitoring and Control. The fixture housing is made of non-iron based materials like: aluminum, brass, copper, composites or ceramics. The High Performance COB-LED light source is certified under LM-80 standard with 105 C test temperature. The fixture is made with high performance thermal management system to guarantee Tc of 75 C under 40 C ambient temperature. The fixture as a whole exhibiting efficacy of 110 Lumen per watt.  The optical system is made with borosilicate Glass Lenses which will not yellow or change its optical properties during 25 years of life. The COB-LEDs are protected to IP68 standard. The COB-LED of this fixture are driven by “ Constant Current + Controlled Voltage” driver equipped with internal Surge Protection Device under IEEE/ANSI C62.41.2 Standard. The driver is UL Listed and has High Power Factor (above 0.92) and THD below 15%. As options, the driver can be equipped with “Integral Programmable Self-Dimming” repeated every night in Down-to-Dusk time period, or can be equipped with 0-10 or DALI Dimming interface for remote control and monitoring. The fixture is ready with universal receptacle to accept ordinary 3-pin photocell, or 5-pin wireless monitoring and control node.

The superior photometric performance if this “89-series” modular fixture is exhibited with its application into any city major roads or Interstate Highways. As example: MODEL: LED-89220-M4, Watts 220, Lumens 23,000,  Mounting  Height 50 ft., Lane Width 4 x 12 ft, Pole Spacing 190 ft.

Illumination Results: Avg : 1.08 FC, Min : 0.73 FC, Max : 1.44 FC, Superior Illumination of 4-Lane Highway plus Shoulders.

About NEPTUN Light

Neptun Light is a leader in the manufacture of energy efficient retrofit products and light fixtures in the fields of LED, Induction, and Solar technology. We boast a highly diversified product portfolio of indoor and outdoor products. Additionally, our products span a wide range of commercial, industrial, government, and utility infrastructure applications. Neptun Light achieves its level of success through timely development of new technology that caters to a constantly evolving marketplace. Among Neptun Light's core values are continuous innovation, high quality products, a focus on energy conservation, and an uncompromised commitment to customer service. For more information call tollfree 888-735-8330, visit or stop by Booth #1930.