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NEPTUN at IoT World 2018 in Sant Clara, CA

NEPTUN Booth 904 at IoT World 2018 • Introducing NEPTUN Energy Cloud

• Smart lighting System
     • New Revenue Models
          • Grid Energy Storage

NEPTUN at IoT World 2018

Smart Lighting System:

  • LED Smart Lights
    industry top designs with 155 lm/W and most advanced IP67 optics
  • Control nodes
    integrated with Itron RivaTM smart ACT technology, designed as a "fog device" able to completely control the lights and provide utility grade metering and reporting
  • Cloud-based Multi-Account Software
    Intelligent Street Light Management and Control Software, provides grouping, scheduling and Auto-Demand Response

New! Utility Revenue Models:

LTO Grid Energy Storage - with incredible performance of up to 20,000 cycles, 20 years Warranty and approx. 2c/kWh of "Burn-Rate"