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Neptun Light creates energy efficient products that include LED Lighting products, Induction Lighting, Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) products as well as newly growing range of Solar Lighting, Wind power generation products. We also develop and manufacture a wide range of Sensors and other Controls for best compatibility and life with our and other manufacturers products.

The lighting products include bulbs with variety of bases, T8 and T5 tubes, Retrofit bulbs and engines. We also develop and produce a wide range of lighting fixtures like street lights, highbays, wallpacks, parking and posttop fixtures, flood lights and specialty fixtures. If you cannot locate a product that suits your needs best, we may accept it for a development if you fill out our "Request new product" form or you may call us and our highly trained specialists will discuss your needs and suggest the best solution to address them.

All of our products are backed by our warranty and we are positive that they will last and serve you long time, with exceptional quality and craftsmanship, helping you save on growing costs of electricity and providing low cost of ownership.