Induction Lighting


Induction Lighting products are maintenance-free for at least 15 years*), induction lighting offers unmatched advantages over other lighting systems. The list of features of induction fixtures outdoor and indoor is so impressive that induction lighting is emerging as one of the best technologies in lighting. The 100,000 hour rated life, induction lighting fixtures may never need replacing. Life of the fixture housing itself with match the 100,000 hours life, thus after 15 years new fixture can be installed, especially when the payback time is near 2-3 years. Induction Lighting is even more attractive and useful in applications where lamp replacement is very difficult and expensive, as in many outdoor applications, hard-to-reach installations such as industrial plants with 80 feet ceilings, hazardous applications like refineries, tunnels, mines, airports, and others. 

  • Very-Long Life -100,000 hour rated life*
  • Short Payback Time and Low Cost of Ownership - reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • Bright White Light – 5000K and many choices of color temperatures as other fluorescent tubes
  • High Color Rendering - 84
  • InstantON™ and Instant Hot Re-strike - hot and cold reliable start and operation
  • Constant Light Output – with UNV = Universal input ballasts from 100VAC-300VAC
  • High Efficacy  – equal to 85 Lm/Watt


Neptun Induction lighting is tailored for specific applications: Totally Enclosed Fixtures, Partially Enclosed Fixtures, and Open Fixtures. Amalgam technologies used for each type assures maximum light output and high light quality of Neptun induction lighting products. Therefore light output of Neptun Induction lighting products is not influenced by ambient temperature or fixture type. Neptun induction lighting products maintain at least 70% of nominal lumens after 70,000 hours.  Neptun Induction lighting products are made with high quality of light and in a variety of color temperatures.  This makes it useful in a various of applications while still offering improved efficiency.  This gives lighting designers great options. Neptun Induction lighting products advantages turn into major dollar savings when considering maintenance, labor, and replacement lamps cost of existing MH or HPS lighting fixtures.  In most cases the payback in maintenance savings will more than offset the initial cost of the system.

Neptun Light offers limited warranties the complete induction fixtures for ten years or five years for retrofit kits from date of installation**).

Neptun Light offers various types of induction products like:

Induction Lighting

Induction Bulbs Self-Ballasted

Induction Acorns

Induction Highbays

Induction Parking Lot Fixtures

Induction Wallpacks

Induction Specialty Fixtures

Induction Street Lights

Induction Retrofit Kits

Induction Security Lights

Induction Garage Fixtures

Induction Floodlight

Induction Gas Station Fixtures

Induction Tunnel Fixtures

Induction Bi-Level Dimming Fixtures

Induction Hazardous Location

Induction Bulk Head

Induction Billboard Lighting

Induction Low Bay fixtures