About Neptun

NEPTUN is a well-diversified manufacturer of ENERGY CONSERVATION lighting products such as LED, Induction and Compact Fluorescent. Our products are designed for residential, commercial, outdoor and other infrastructure lighting applications. NEPTUN offers intelligent solutions for renewable energy generation such as Wind and Solar.

Manufacturing in USA

Encouraged by the US Government “Buy American” program, NEPTUN established a manufacturing plant in Lake Forest, Illinois equipped to manufacture LED, Induction and Solar Lighting products.  Additional manufacturing plants located in other states are planned.  

Energy Business

WE SEE BEYOND… At NEPTUN we see great things on the horizon. That is why we are working on innovative ways to make a positive influence in saving the environment and communities where we live and work.  


NEPTUN is actively seeking the “Best in Class” candidates for the positions of Product Development, Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Administration. Neptun Light, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Candidates with “passion for a job well done” are most welcomed.