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Neptun Light now offering “Light Leasing” program to support your lighting needs with No upfront costs!

For Immediate Release

November 29, 2010 – Lake Forest, Illinois, USA.

NEPTUN LIGHT, INC. a diversified manufacturer of ENERGY CONSERVATION lighting products like Induction, LED and Compact Fluorescent. These include residential, commercial, outdoor, street lighting and other infrastructure lighting products. NEPTUN offers intelligent solutions for renewable energy generation like Solar and Wind, as well.

“Light Leasing” Program

Neptun Light, Inc. is pleased to offer a “Light Leasing” program  to support your lighting needs with no upfront costs.  With our program the energy and labor savings you receive when converting from current Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lighting to our energy efficient Induction or LED Lighting solutions pays for itself through this program.

Historically, acquiring energy efficient technology required initial investment followed by eventual payback.  The ROI and the payback period have always been the main factors in making most investment decisions.  A “Light Leasing” program can change everything by spreading the investment costs overtime, the energy savings affords the monthly payments.  With a majority of our customers the monthly energy savings EXCEEDS the monthly payment creating cash flow on your balance sheet.

** Buy things that appreciate and lease things that depreciate **

There are many benefits that capital equipment leasing offers and here are just a few:

  • Substantial tax benefits – The entire lease payment is 100% tax deductible.  In fact the entire investment can be deducted in the first year, see for more information.
  • Convenient streamlined application process. The application can be handled online or by phone.
  • Cash flow friendly, Spreading the investment cost over 60 months frees up cash on hand for other investment purposes, or to simply strengthen the company’s balance sheet.
  • Better than bank financing. Leasing offers fixed rates, no-cross collateralization, and up to 110% financing including soft costs of shipping and installation.

The applicable document that must be completed to see if your company can be approved for our “Light Leasing” program is provided under the following link (requires Adobe Acrobat reader to open):

Equipment Lease and Credit Application