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Neptun Light adds new line of LED products to DLC Qualified Products List.

Lake Forest, IL, November 11, 2013 – Neptun Light, Inc. has announced the addition of four high/low bay fixtures to the DesignLights Consortium Qualified Products List (DLC QPL).

In order for a fixture to be put on the DLC QPL it must go through rigorous testing to prove the quality, performance, and efficiency of the product. The results of the testing done by DLC report that Neptun Light’s new fixtures have an efficacy of up to 105 Lumens per Watt. In addition, these fixtures also have an IP 66 (dust-tight and able to withstand strong water jets) rating and are shock and vibration resistant (ANSI - C136.31). This rugged design makes the LED-49000 line of products ideal for lighting in roadway tunnels. These fixtures can also be used for: canopy lighting, freezer lighting, gas station lighting, storage lighting, security lighting, and indoor high/low bay lighting. They can serve as replacements to any High-Intensity Discharge lights of up to 400 Watts in current use of the same applications.

The product numbers of these fixtures are: LED-49000-14-UNV, LED-49000-18-UNV, LED-49000-24-UNV, and LED-49000-28-UNV. For more information on these fixtures and other DLC QPL fixtures that Neptun Light has to offer, visit their website at:

About Neptun Light

Neptun Light currently manufactures energy efficient retrofit items and fixtures in the field of LED and Induction technology. Their products are designed for retail, commercial, and outdoor applications, as well as use for other infrastructure lighting. Neptun Light produces quality products through development of new products that cater to an evolving marketplace, continuous innovation of quality and efficiency of energy-saving lighting technology, and uncompromised commitment to customer service.

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