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Neptun Announces Kim Lighting Retrofit Kits

Neptun Announces Kim Lighting Retrofit Kits

Neptun releases Kim AR Series Retrofit Kits; allowing for easy upgrade to LED and Induction lighting technology

October 30, 2014 - Lake Forest, IL - Neptun Light, Inc. today announced the release of LED and Induction Retrofit Kits for Kim Lighting’s popular AR Series luminaires. Addressing widespread prevalence of Kim AR fixtures in the US market, Neptun’s Retrofit Kits enable upgrades from traditional HID and HPS technology to modern lighting systems while sidestepping excessive effort and expense associated with total fixture replacement.

Benefits of upgrading from HPS/HID lighting to modern LED/Induction technology include dramatic reduction in energy consumption of up to 70%, virtual elimination of maintenance expenses related to routine bulb replacement and repair, and enhanced control of beam and color attributes through latest SSL/Induction engineering.

Retrofit Kits (LED | Induction) are now available for 80, 100, 120, 150, and 175 watt Kim AR fixtures, and are factory guaranteed for 5 years. Neptun LED systems leverage COB technology for optimal, long-term operation. Neptun’s sophisticated Induction systems improve product life and lumen efficiency.

“While developing Retrofit Kits for Kim’s AR Series, we considered three fundamental factors. First, in selecting a fixture to retrofit, our goal was to offer a solution for the broadest market segment. Kim’s AR Series has been widely adopted, making it a prime candidate. Second, we focused on value in terms of performance and reliability. Inner-fixture design was a decisive factor; and Kim’s resilient AR series met all required conditions for optimal retrofit performance. Third, we analyzed an array of business models to determine and propose a value-driven business case. Considerations such as price point and manufacturing costs played a major role in the development of these kits; and we are quite satisfied with the resulting offering.” –Andrew Bobel, CEO

ESCO Managers, Building Managers, Lighting Distributors, and all commercial lighting professionals currently operating Kim AR Series fixtures should consider Neptun’s AR Retrofit Kits as a highly advantageous method of upgrading to modern LED and Induction technology. To learn more, visit

Neptun is a well-diversified manufacturer of Energy Conservation lighting products such as LED and Induction. Neptun’s products are designed for residential, commercial, outdoor and other infrastructure lighting applications. Neptun offers intelligent solutions for renewable energy generation such as Wind and Solar.

Contact: Andrew Bobel, President & CEO - Neptun Light, Inc.
Phone: +1 (888) 735-8330
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