LightGenie™ MASTER Description

Neptun's LightGenie™ MASTER is a comprehensive cloud based software having two channels.  1.) LightGenie™ MASTER - Mesh Network Management System (MNMS).  2.) LightGenie™ Master - Asset Management System (AMS). 

The software architecture enables the management functions of the network devices and management functions of user interface with managed assets.  Mesh Network Visualization is included and provides all necessary tools to plan and deploy the network, as well as perform all necessary diagnostic maintenance of managed sites.

LightGenie™ MASTER

Application, Features and Benefits
    Technical Data
    Management Software General
    Cloud based.  Can be hosted and managed on the customers server or at the Neptun Server
    Software Structure
    Multi-User, Multi-Site
    Software Asset Grouping
    Able to create groups up to 50,000 luminaires, and up to 2,000 groups
    Software Communications
    All time-based controls, monitoring, & reporting, and all communications of control and monitoring states are fully customizable
    Software Control
    1. ON/OFF control of each group and single luminare (as 1 group).
    2. Scheduled ON/OFF of each group overides the photocell.
    3. Each day of the week Programmable Dimming Scheduled with multiple (up to 8) nightly time slots and levels of dimming.
    Software Licensing
    All software is provided free of charge with purchase of 5,000 luminaires and purchase of 5,000 Nodes
    Software Monitoring
    1. Status of ON/OFF/Dim Level monitoring.
    2. Energy Consumption monitoring: Current RMS, Voltage RMS, Power Factor.
    3. Lumen Depreciation monitoring (optional).
    4. Monitoring Luminaire for theft by GPS location (with 7 days battery backup).
    5. Failure Prediction Monitoring algorithm.
    Software Reporting and Alerting
    1. Status of ON/OFF/Dim Level Reporting and Login.
    2. Energy Consumption in KWh Reports - Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly.
    3. Energy Savings Reports based on scheduled dimming - Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly.
    4. Reporting Current RMS, Voltage RMS, Power Factor and Login historical records - Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly.
    5. Reporting Lumen Depreciation and Login monthy historical data.
    6. Reports all states, Burn Hrs., Constant Lumen Output, Other Alerts and Login history data.