LED High Bay and Low Bay Fixtures

High bay light fixtures are usually used in spaces with 20—40 feet height. Low bay lighting fixtures utilized for ceiling heights below 20 feet. High bay lights would typically have reflectors that guide light downwards, whilst low bay features low profile helping spread light sideways to light up larger areas due to unique design. High power high bays series can be used to light up industrial areas from considerable heights while also featuring low profile.

Compared to metal halide lights, our LED highbay and lowbay light fixtures help customers save up to 4-5 times in comparison.

Neptun Light's commercial high bay lighting fixtures are normally used in warehouse lighting, large workshop lighting, shop and store lighting, hangar lighting and storage lighting, while low bay lighting fixtures find their use in food processing plants, warehouses and parking garages with lower ceiling height as well as assembly lines, manufacturing areas.

Depending on the model and implementation the lights range by power from 150W, 200W, 250W all the way to 480W. As a point of reference, on average, the 250W LED lighting fixture can easily substitute 1100W metal halide lights with advantages such as equal lumen output, longer life span and practically no decrease in brightness.